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A Seller's Guide for 

Getting from Why to Buy


"Finally a sales book for medical sales!!"-Aaron Wozniak

  "It's 200 pages of all the best ideas wrapped up in 'story'

with messages for life and business!!- Nick Fasulo 

  "A modern day 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'

that will help you sell the right way." - Ryan Zimmer

THE Story

Ever notice how no one likes to be sold to, but most of us enjoy buying stuff?  Where is the disconnect?  In a business world that rapidly and exponentially adapts to change, our selling methods fail to keep up with human expectations.  The problem with most sales books is they’re written by either behavioral researchers with no real world selling experience, or are first-hand accounts from top sales professionals and contain little to no supporting data.  


The Pirate's Guide to Sales uniquely blends years of selling concepts with real world experience in a framework anyone can learn.  We'd like you to think of it as a "pirate's guide" as it distills all the best research and real world sales experiences in one easy, "how to" book with lessons from only the best! 


The book will take you on a journey filled with stories for business and life.  It starts with voyage prep where you'll learn strategy from the likes of Simon Sinek, Robert Cialdini, Ray Dalio, Peter Shankman, Daniel Kahneman, and more.  Then you'll analyze the sale itself in, "The Six Points of Sail,” and hear from other top professionals that have mastered their selling craft.  Lastly, we'll spend some time learning how to sustain and grow your business as we culminate the book and voyage to a riveting finale in the "Burning of the Boats!"


We hope you enjoy all the tips and tricks!  As Steve Jobs said, "It's more fun to be a pirate than join the Navy." 

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Targeting Tools 

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Pirate Tips

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"The Pirate’s Guide to Sales is a great read for anyone who is looking to show up more authentically in a sales conversation. Pulling from many great resources and years of experience, Tyler Menke has written a book that is a valuable resource for anyone, but especially someone who is not accustomed to or afraid of selling. He lays the foundation for building the “right” relationship by saying, “Trust is number one in buying, so you better get this right from word one is selling.”


As a coach, I found this book particularly helping in building that level of trust with my clients as I grow my practice. This is a book I'll always keep nearby."

John Neral - Professional Business Coach

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